Component Engineering and Testing Services for the Electronics Industry

Testime Technology provides a range of services for electronics engineering from component sourcing through to complete re-engineering of a device that is no longer available as a standard production item.

  • Component Sourcing

  • Component Testing

  • Die Re-packaging

  • Re-manufacturing

  • Hi-Rel Screening

  • Robotic Hot Solder Dip

  • BGA Reballing

  • Lead Preparation

  • Tape and Reel

  • Kitting

  • GEIA-STD-0006 Finish Replacement Qualification

  • J-STD-033 Dry Bake and MSL Packaging

  • GEIA-STD-0003 and JEP160 Long Term Storage Packaging

  • Component Marking and Labeling

  • Component Harvesting from PWA

Our partners have extensive Engineering and testing capabilities for even the most challenging military, avionic and industrial applications. From lead re-termination to improve solderability through to advanced component failure analysis, Testime Technology can call on the resources to meet your needs. Capabilities available include the design or redesign of hybrid assemblies for space constrained or avionic applications.

Qualification Standards

  • J-STD-033 Dry bake and MSL packaging Electronic devices encapsulated with plastic compounds and other organic materials are sensitive to moisture. Moisture from atmospheric humidity will enter permeable packaging materials by diffusion. During solder reflow, the combination of rapid moisture expansion and materials mismatch can result in package cracking and/or delamination of critical interfaces within the package. The damage that occurs may or may not be visible from the outside, making defects very difficult to detect in normal production environments.

    At Corfin, moisture sensitive devices are processed, maintained, and packaged with great consideration of the potential damage caused by moisture absorption into the package.

  • GEIA-STD-0003 and JEP160 Long Term Storage packaging Devices anticipated to be stored longer than one year can be avoid the risk of oxidation by enhanced packaging, including thicker bags, extra desiccant, and double bag seal.

  • GEIA-STD-0006 Finish Replacement Qualification The industry specification for conversion of Pb-free to tin-lead termination finishes is easily satisfied by Corfin’s process. Most customers decline the test requirements based upon confidence of Corfin’s robotic process, but testing is readily available at Corfin.

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