Semitronics – High Reliability Semiconductors

Semitronics is a privately held manufacturer of military and commercial semiconductors, providing a full compliment of products and services from wafer fabrication to final test and assembly. Founded in 1957, Semitronics is MIL-PRF-19500 Certified and also provides custom packaging solutions and value added test services.

Products & Programs

Semitronics wide product range includes many devices which other manufacturers no longer produce. Custom devices are also available.

Semitronics is approved to supply Military products to Raytheon, Hughes, General Dynamics, Northrop, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell International Varo, Texas Instruments, United Technologies/Hamilton Standard, Hazeltine, BAE, Kearfott Guidance and Navigation and many other Military contractors.

Semitronics products have been approved for use on Military programs such as the Hawk, Patriot, ANRAM, Mach 48, TOW and the Space Shuttle. Their products also feature on many civil aviation products for power generation in rotating rectifier applications.

The Semitronics Quality program is approved by a number of Government Agencies and Contractors.

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Product Types

  • Alloy Transistors

  • Custom Products

  • IGBT

  • Inverter Grade SCR

  • Mosfet

  • Phase Control SCR

  • Power Transistor

  • Rectifier

  • Solid State Relay

  • Triac

  • Voltage Regulator

High Reliability Screening

Semitronics Hi-Rel devices are available tested to the Standard MIL / STX / STXV flows described in the chart or to your custom requirements using industry standard tests and quality assurance standards.

Semitronics has a wide range of testing capabilities that can be performed to meet your requirements. From simple dimension testing through gross and fine leak testing to full failure analysis, Semitronics has the range of capabilities to meet your requirements.

Semitronics Test and Measuring Equipment is calibrated in accordance with ANSI/ASCL ZS40-1-1-1994 and is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Tests (NIST). Workmanship conforms to ISO 9000 Standards.

Semitronics is DSCC Certified to Full Appendix D of Mil-Prf-19500. Their Hi-Rel devices are available following the test procedures/flows of Mil-S-19500 and Mil Standard 883. Other Mil spec standards can be accommodated.


Die Re-Packaging

Where a particular component package is no longer available, repackaging die can be a more cost effective option than redesigning PCBs and seeking approvals. (Especially in avionic environments.) Semitronics can re-package discrete semiconductors and moderately complex semiconductors such as Op-Amps and similar devices. Typically the process is to package die into a hermetic style housing that a part was originally available in but has since gone out of production.


High Temperature Electronics

Some applications demand electronics that work at much higher temperatures than the usual Industrial or even Military range. From bore hole instrumentation to rotating rectifiers on aircraft engine, electrical-generators; high temperature operation has become a speciality for Semitronics.

With storage and operating temperatures up to 250 degrees C, Semitronics has the capability to deliver parts for the most demanding applications.

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