RF Lambda – Broadband Passive & Active RF Solutions

RF-LAMBDA develops and manufactures RF components for use in analogue wireless networks in the North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. RF-LAMBDA is an approved vendor for the leading manufacturers in the military, commercial, and aerospace markets.RF-LAMBDA offers one of the most diverse product lines in the wireless industry. They continually set new standards for performance, service, and price while enhancing their rock-solid reputation for reliability.

Telecommunications and aerospace applications of all types depend on RF-LAMBDA’s products. They offer leading-edge technology to support your R&D efforts, and application assistance on your projects. RF Lambda work with you, joining their extensive R&D capabilities to your facility, to realise the products you had imagined. With frequency of operation up to 100GHz and power outputs up to 100W RF Lambda has the breadth of product line to meet your requirements.

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RF Lambda

Active Components

  • Low Noise Amplifiers

  • Power Amplifiers

  • RF Switches

  • Phase Shifters

  • PIN Attenuators

  • Power Limiters

  • Power Detectors

  • Block Up/Down Convertors

  • RF Hopping Synthesiser

  • Test Systems

RF Amplifiers

  • SSPA Solid State Power Amplifiers

  • Power Amplifier DC Powered

  • RF Amplifier 110/220V Powered

  • Bench Top Power Amplifier

  • Low Noise Amplifiers

  • Low Noise Amplifier DC Powered

  • RF Amplifier 110/220V Powered

  • Front End Protected LNA

  • Waveguide Amplifier Module

Passive Components

  • Circulators & Isolators

  • Loads & Attenuators

  • Couplers & Hybrids

  • Dividers & Combiners

  • Filters & Duplexers

  • Coaxial Adapters

  • DC Blocks

  • Calibration Kits for VNA

  • VNA Cable

GaN transistors can operate at much higher temperatures and work at much higher voltages than gallium arsenide (GaAs) transistors, they make ideal power amplifiers at microwave frequencies. Since 2013 RF Lambda was been working with class leading manufacturers of GaN devices to build power amplifiers.

Many RF Lambda amplifier products (as with other vendors) require heat-sinking to ensure that the active components work in their safe temperature region. Many customers have their own cold plate cooling technology for heat-sinking but RF Lambda have a range of heat-sinks designed for the amplifier products. Where the heat-sink is ordered at the same time as the amplifier, it will be fitted at despatch. Even with a heatsink, generally a moving airflow is required to ensure that safe operation limits are maintained.

Most RF Lambda devices are connectorized. Depending on frequency and RF power, a number of different connector types may be used. At lower frequencies SMA connectors are used, at higher frequencies 2.92mm connectors become standard. For higher power systems N connectors are used. Contact us with your specific requirements as parts can often be customised to meet your needs.

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