Noisecom – A market leader in RF test instruments and associated specialty components.

Wireless Telecom Group is a global designer and manufacturer of radio frequency (“RF”) and microwave-based products for wireless and advanced communications industries. They market our products and services worldwide under the Boonton Electronics (“Boonton”), Microlab/FXR (“Microlab”) and Noisecom brands. Their Brands and products have maintained a reputation for their accuracy and performance as they support customers’ technological advancements within communications.

They offer a complementary suite of high-performance instruments and components meeting a variety of standards including peak power meters, signal analysers, noise sources, power splitters, combiners, diplexers, noise modules and precision noise generators, and serve commercial and government markets within the satellite, cable, radar, avionics, medical, and computing applications.

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  • UFX7000A AWGN Noise Generator

  • J7000 Jitter Noise Generator

  • JV9000 Series: Adjustable Vcc Noise Generator for PSRR Analysis

  • CNG-EbNo SNR Noise Generator

  • NC6000A/8000A Series AWGN Noise Generator

  • RFX7000B Programmable Noise Generator


  • NC100/200/300/400 Series Chips and Diodes
  • NC1000 Series Amplified AWGN Noise Modules 10 Hz to 10 GHz

  • NC500/500SM Series BITE Modules

  • NC520 Low Voltage Surface Mount Noise Source 200 kHz to 5 GHz
  • NC2000/4000 Series Broadband Amplified Noise Modules

Calibrated Sources

  • NC346 Broadband AWGN up to 55 GHz

  • NC346 Waveguide AWGN

  • NC3000 Coaxial 10 MHz to 67 GHz AWGN

  • NC3200 Coaxial Noise Sources

  • NC3400 High ENR Coaxial 2 GHz to 18 GHz

  • NC3600 Series High ENR Noise Source 2 GHz to 45 GHz

  • NC5000A Series 18 GHz to 110 GHz
  • 60 GHz Noise Figure Test Set


  • NBS-Series Cryogenic Primary Noise Standards

Product Description CE Marked CE Compliant RoHS Compliant
Noise Sources
NC346 Series Coaxial Noise Standards * * *
NC5000 Series Waveguide Noise Standards * * *
NC3000 Series Coaxial Noise Source * * *
NC100/NC300/NC400 Noise Diodes *
NC200 Noise Diodes
NC1000 Amplified Noise Sources * * *
NC2000/NC4000 Custome Noise Modules
UFX7000A Programmable Noise Generators * * *
J/JV/PNG/CNG Programmable Noise Generators * * *
NC6000A Manual Noise Generator * * *
NC8000A Manual Noise Generator – High Power * * *
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