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Corfin pioneered Robotic Hot Solder Dip technology – the only process approved by the TMTI report to eliminate the risk of tin whiskers without damaging the component – and with over 25 years experience their technicians have mastered component preparation solutions with Corfin RHSD machinery. From dip depth, dwell times, temperatures, continuous chemical monitoring and proprietary processes, no one in the industry comes close to the precise controls of Corfin’s RHSD equipment. Corfin are able to service components efficiently, accurately and repeatably.

Corfin has the production capacity to offer consistent lead times. Continuous investment in new equipment has enhanced their flexibility and capacity even for the more challenging devices such as connectors.

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Robotic Hot Solder Dip

  • Tin Whisker Elimination

  • Refinishing With Tin/Lead and Custom Solder Alloys

  • Lead-Free Solder Joint Weakness Prevention

  • Restoration of Solderability

  • Gold Embrittlement Prevention

  • RoHS Compliance

BGA Reballing

  • Conversion to Tin-Lead

  • Conversion to RoHS compliance

  • Ball Attach to Leadless Packages

  • LGA Gold Removal and Ball Attach

Lead Preparation

  • Component Lead Trim and Form for Board Assembly

  • Re-Conditioning of Bent or Damaged Leads

  • Lead-Attach to Leadless Chip Carriers

  • Lead Coplanarity Restoration


  • Solderability Testing

  • XRF – X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

  • Fine and Gross Leak Seal Testing

  • Ionic Contamination Testing

Final Report on the Transformational ManTech Research Project S1057:Tin Whisker Mitigation The Use of Robotic Solder Dipping to Replace Electronic Part Surfaces Finishes of Pure Tin With a Tin-Lead Finish. This research project, led by the Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence (BMPCOE), was conducted in conjunction with the Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS), Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems and the University of Maryland (UMD) Computer-Aided Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) Electronics Products and Systems Center (EPSC) in cooperation with Corfin Industries LLC. Download a copy of the TMTI report.

A tin whisker is a single crystal that emerges from tin-finished surfaces. It can take hours or years for them to grow, and they can grow up to 9 millimeters in length. Tin whiskers have been blamed for dangerous failures in heart pacemakers, satellites, and nuclear power plants. The NASA Tin Whisker Website provides a wealth of information regarding the nature of tin whiskers and their ability to cause:

  • Short circuits
  • Low pressure arcing
  • Debris and contamination

For clients that need to be RoHS-compliant, Corfin’s Robotic Hot Solder Dipping process can also be used to remove lead-bearing alloys from the terminations of electronic components. Significant advantages to Robotic Hot Solder Dip Pb-free (non-pure tin, e.g. SAC 305) termination finishes include mitigation of pure tin whiskers and outstanding solderability.

A Robotic Hot Solder Dip finish is optimal for high quality reflow soldering, significantly reducing touch-up and rework after reflow.

In addition to many ongoing gold and tin whisker prevention projects, Corfin maintains Robotic Hot Solder Dipping systems to removal of finishes containing Pb to meet RoHS compliance. These automated, high-capacity systems are capable of meeting your volume requirements.

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