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Chengdu AINFO Inc. (known as A-INFO) was founded in 2000 and is focused on Antennae, Microwave/RF components and related services. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company it maintains stringent quality control processes allowing them to provide high-quality products which meet the requirements of the military, aerospace, communications and other high-reliability applications.

A-INFO offers reliable, consistent, good quality products and thanks to strict cost controls, the prices are competitive in the market. Many items are available in relatively short lead times thanks to the factory held stock.

A-INFO focuses primarily on antenna and waveguide standard products but A-INFO also offer customization of products to meet your requirements. They offer antennae that cover 30MHz to 325GHz, ideally suited for EMI testing, direction finding, surveillance and other applications. Waveguide components are available that cover 320MHz to 325GHz with low insertion loss and low VSWR over the full operating frequency range.

Contact TTL Electronics with your specific waveguide or antenna requirement and we’ll do our best to match to a standard or custom product that delivers what you need.

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A-INFO Antenna Products

  • Horn Antenna

  • Spiral Antenna

  • Microstrip Antenna

  • Log Periodic Antenna

  • Discone Style Antenna

  • Bi-Conical Antenna

A-INFO Waveguide Components

  • Adapter

  • Attenuator

  • Bend/Straight/Twist

  • Circulator/Isolator

  • Coupler

  • Detector

  • Filter

  • Load

Waveguide Components Contd

  • OMT

  • Rotary Joint

  • Short Plates/Spacer

  • Flange-Gasket

  • Switch

  • Tee (ET/HT/MT)

  • Transition

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